Dental Alchemist e-book

This e-book is a simple and practical option for dental alchemy in their practice. Rather than providing a “normal” dental appointment you actually provide a “transcendental” dental appointment. I’m positive once you finish reading this e-book you will be able to provide a more aligned, calm, and relaxed experience for your patients - before, during, and after your dental appointments. There’s no right or wrong, only the power of intention when you add this to your practice. I hope and wish that you all enjoy this e-book and send me the necessary feedback. To all my colleagues, I wish that you will share and apply this wonderful wisdom of blooming and healing flower emotions with your patients.

Dental Alchemist e-book in Los Angeles


  • This training was especially developed by a Dentist to other Dentists
  • Improvement of fear and anxiety of your patients
  • Methods to improve well-being of patients in chairside
  • Source for Emotional support for patients
  • Better treatment acceptance and experience
  • Transcendental Experiences for patients and providers
  • Dental Flower essences formulas integrated in your Dental Practice
  • Learn how to prepare , select flower essences and give usage instructions to your patients

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